Studies on the Theory of Education


About the journal


Studies on the Theory of Education is a scientific journal published since 2010 under auspices of the The Committee on Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The publisher of the journal is Wydawnictwo Naukowe Chrześcijańskiej Akademii Teologicznej w Warszawie (Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw Publishing House). The basic version of the periodical is the printed one.

Studies on the Theory of Education is published quarterly: in March, June,
September and October. The texts can be sent constantly to the Editorial Board. 

Studies on the Theory of Education aims to be a field of presentation of dissertations, research reports from the field of humanities and social sciences, free from orthodox beliefs, showing broad, interdisciplinary spectrum of education and upbringing problems. We present interesting and innovative methodical solutions in the field of pedagogy and related disciplines, we publish reviews and conference reports. We also put thematic bibliographies which are linked to the topics mentioned in each issue.



Articles and research reports are published mainly in Polish, but we do not avoid presenting texts in languages which are basic for pedagogy and other sciences which belong to the humanities, e. g. English and German. Every article contains a summary in English. The journal is also available in electronic version using Open Access tools (BazHum base of Polish History Museum

Editorial Board’s Address:
Christian Academy of Theology
Broniewskiego 48 
01-771 Warsaw, Poland