To the authors

Dear Authors,

we kindly inform that every single article being prepared for Studies on the Theory of Education has to contain following data:

  • Name and surname of an author/authors
  • Place of employment and email address of author/authors
  • Title of the article in original language and in English
  • Summary in English
  • Keywords in original language and in English
  • Bibliography
Articles which will not contain the data mentioned above will not be accepted to be printed. The necessity of gaining the indicated data by the publisher is caused by demands of the bases in which our journal is indexed.
We kindly ask you to respect the rules above.
Studies on the Theory of Education Editorial Board

We invite you to publish in our journal 

Editorial Board’s Address:
Christian Academy of Theology
Broniewskiego 48
01-771 Warsaw, Poland

Tips for the authors

The Editorial Board of the Studies on the Theory of Education invites Authors interested in cooperation to send their own works to one of following permanent sections of the journal:

  • Dissertations
  • Research Reports
  • Teaching Practice
  • Practice of Education
  • Reviews
  • Conference Reports
  • Thematic Bibliography

We ask Authors planning to prepare a text for Studies on the Theory of Education to respect following editing rules:

  • Texts: 30 lines per page, circa 60 characters per line, Times New Roman font, leading 1,5, left margin 3,5 cm.
  • It is requested to send the texts both in printed and electronic version (by email) to the Secretary of the Editorial Board. Please do not format the text and do not use Smart Art graphics.
  • Texts should have following structure:
    • Introduction
    • Subtitled separate parts of the text
    • Summary
    • Bibliography


It is requested to write full names of persons mentioned for the first time in the text.
Footnotes must be located at the foot of the page.
Footnote pattern:

  • B. Niemierko, Diagnostyka pedagogiczna, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2009, s. 15.
  • V. Edlinger, Korczakowskie obserwacje dziecięcego świata, w: B. Śliwerski, Jak zmieniać szkołę? Studia z polityki oświatowej i pedagogiki porównawczej, Oficyna Wydawnicza IMPULS, Kraków 2008. A. Krause, Kryzys kształcenia a zadania uniwersytetu i nauk społecznych, w: „Studia z Teorii Wychowania” 2011 nr 2 (3).
  • Bibliographic description of a website must contain: the name of the author, title of the work, access protocol and date of access, e. g.: http :// z dn. 23.01.2012
Please number all tables and pictures consecutively throughout the part, separately the tables and separately the pictures (table 1.2, picture 1.2 etc.). In the text please indicate only the place where the table or picture should be. The table or picture itself please place in the end of the part. Every table and picture must have a title or a heading (e. g. Table 7.6. Stages of psychosocial development by E. Erikson).
We also would like the Authors to send us a short biographical note and information about what institution do they represent and a short summary of their text in English (translated title of the article and ca. 20 lines of a summary) and keywords in English. If there is more than one author, it is requested to send biographical notes and affiliations of all of them. Please also send full address and email address of the Author who would be responsible for correspondence regarding the publication and a statement about percentage contribution of each of the authors in producing the text.
Texts sent in accordance with the editorial requirements will be evaluated by two reviewers.
Printed version of the article sent to the Editorial Board is treated by both the Editorial Board and the Publisher as original text to which the Author has full rights. If the Author had published the text before sending it to the Studies on the Theory of Education, they must note it in an appropriate footnote, containing information about place and time of publishing.
Authors do not obtain any fees because of non-commercial character of the journal, which is available both in printed and electronic form.
Printed version of the translation sent to the Editorial Board is treated by both the Editorial Board and the Publisher as translation (text), to making which the Author had the full right.
The Editorial Board do not hand back neither the received texts nor the ones unaccepted to be printed to the Authors.
We kindly ask the Authors to necessarily pass the following details: name, surname, scientific degree and title, name and address of the scientific institution represented by the Author, address for correspondence, telephone number and the electronic mail address.
The Editorial Board bears rights to amend and abbreviate the texts. The Editorial Board informs the Author about acceptation of the article to be printed.